Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management starts the day you decide to buy or engineer a new part of your manufacturing process. From the very first wiring schematics to maintaining the running plant Life Cycle Management plays a part. MAPS delivers cost effective Life Cycle Management.

Efficiency during design

Today the decrease of the total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important challenge. An effective strategy to reduce the TCO must exploit the potentials over the whole life cycle of the considered equipment.

The major costs of most engineering projects do not lay in the hardware components used but in the engineering time and skill need to achieve the desired goal. Life Cycle management supports a structured approach to system building by reusing the results and efforts from earlier work, for example; Wiring data from your electrical drawing software can be imported in to MAPS, here the appropriate predefined screen Mimics and PLC function Blocks can be selected from a dynamic library. Engineering time is reduced, commissioning is reduced and quality is improved as all elements are pretested.

Efficiency for life

Life Cycle management really comes in to its own after installation. It is often the case that installed PLC programs, graphics or even wiring are tweaked, changed or updated over time however, rarely is the associated documentation kept as well updated. MAPS can manage this process for the lifetime of the associated equipment.

Value Add

MAPS allows OEMs, SI’s and EU’s alike to focus on where their core competency by freeing their time as it optimizes the design, development, commissioning and maintenance of equipment.

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