Windows-based setup software is the standard for all Mitsubishi servo amplifiers, and it is not just used for configuration the drive system. The MR Configurator software package also includes a powerful diagnostics module, and Mitsubishi's MT Developer is a complete development package for motion controllers. Both these packages are part of our MELSOFT automation software concept, with which you can realise programming solutions quickly, efficiently and at lower cost.

MR Configurator

supports all operations from servo set-up to maintenance.Various operations, including monitor display, diagnostics, parameter writing and reading, and test operation, can be carried out easily with this software.

The comfortable setup software for WINDOWS based personal computers allows a perfect tuning of the MR-J2S and the connected servomotors. This software makes it easy to do monitor, diagnosis, reading and writing of parameters, and test operations from the setup via a personal computer.

Machine analysis function

The resonance frequency of the mechanical system can be analyzed by a simple connection of the servomotor. The analysis is completed within 30 seconds.

Machine simulation function

The results of the machine analyzer are read into a simulation model, and the response of the mechanical system can be predicted. You can look on the simulated waveforms of speed, torque and droop pulse etc. while changing the command pattern, servomotor capacity and gains, without running the machine.

Gain search function

The software changes gains automatically and searches out the value that ensures the shortest possible settling time with a minimum overshoot and vibration. Ability is best shown, when high-level adjustment is required.


MT Developer

is an integral start-up software used to structure and configure a system for Q Series motion controller applications.

The MT Developer programming software package contains a range of high-performance programming modules for the convenient programming, monitoring, maintenance and documentation of your Motion Control System of the MELSEC System Q.

The software can run using Windows 98/XP and Windows NT4/2000.


  • Conveyor assembly
    Motion system setting, programming, monitoring and test
  • Virtual mechanical system environment
    Motion system setting, programming, monitoring and test
  • Cam data creation
    Motion creation with Cam pattern selection and free curve setting
  • Document printing for MS-Office 97/2000
    Program and parameter data conversion as well as digital oszilloscop output to Microsoft Word/Excel for documentation and printout.
  • Digital oscilloscope
    System monitoring and maintenance
  • Communications setup
    Manager for SSCNET network

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